A Simple Guide to Personal Selling

The process of selling any product or service such as roof replacement is critical to the success of any business. Salespeople make critical prospect connections, communicate their value for a product or value and this has a direct impact on the performance of a business. It is also no secret that salespeople can sometimes get a bad rap because of the tactics they use to push sales. Personal selling is key to the well-being of any organization. It refers to a method that personalizes and humanizes the selling process. It allows businesses to help prospects resolve challenges with the use of a product or service, rather than simply selling to them.

Personal selling involves direct communication between a salesperson and potential customer and typically happens in person or over an email, phone, or video. It is mostly used in business to business. Personal selling comes with its fair share of advantages. It allows for detailed and personalized communication between your business and potential customers. It also gives your sales team the chance to individually address any questions, concerns, or objections to potential customers to move them closer to making a purchase. It provides a personal and one-to-one connection between an organization and potential customers.

Personal selling follows a certain process that includes the following;


The first step in personal selling is seeking out potential customers, in what we call prospects or leads. Prospecting can be done through inbound marketing, cold calling, online research, and even in-person marketing.  An important part of any prospecting stage is lead qualification. Personal selling is all about finding solutions to your customers, but naturally, not everyone will be fit to be a customer. Therefore, it is very important to qualify your leads and avoid spending precious time and resources on prospects who have a little chance of converting.


Before the approach stage, first, there is a pre-approach. During the pre-approach stage, your sales team prepares to make initial contact with any leas they have discovered during the prospecting stage.  The pre-approach stage typically involves the extension of online research about your prospects, the market, and business. After that, there is the main approach process. In this stage, the sales team makes initial contact with a prospect by reaching out, introducing themselves, and starting a conversation. This can happen via a phone call, video call, email, or even in-person process. The ultimate goal of the approach stage is to have a better understanding of what the prospects want, to be able to solve their problems.


This stage involves the sales team entering into the presentation. It is when the sales team presents and potentially demonstrates your product or service. Throughout the presentation, the sales team is focused on how the product or service benefits the prospect. They use the information gathered in the pre-approach and approach stage. Doing so ensures that the presentation is relevant to the prospect as well as to their needs.

Another key stage is handling any objections that may come along the sales process, then closing the process.

What You Need to Know About Data Management

For leaders and decision-makers involved in different businesses such as towing service, they need to add data to their skills and stand to benefit from using data to guide decision making. Most companies recognize that data has enormous importance for their business, and a large percentage of business leaders admit they have problems managing data.

Data Management

Data management involves planning and controlling the way data is collected, stored, protected, and processed. In business, data is usually associated with prospects, customers, employees, and all other stakeholders. When an organization effectively manages data, they obtain analytical information to make the right business decisions.

Data management includes three basic stages which are collection, storing, and processing. However, protecting your data should be one of the top priorities throughout the entire process. There are different techniques and best practices. However, there is not a single data management plan that fits every business.

There are a couple of steps you can put in place to prevent data your data from misuse.

Enforce data integrity

Data integrity is determined by how consistent your data is. Having data integrity will require involving a smart data collection process. You need to ensure there is some type of filter created to ensure the data you are gathering is valid.

Achieve data quality

For data to be of high quality, it needs to meet three conditions. Must be accessible, consistent, and very relevant. After you have ensured there is data integrity, you must make sure it is consistent. However, if that data is not accessible, it will not meet its intended purpose. Additionally, if data is consistent and accessible but not relevant for your operations, it will be of no value.

Integrate Disparate Database

An average company will always be working with multiple applications. This is the reason software integration is one of the biggest challenges a company can face. Each of your applications will have a database that has multiple characteristics and will need to connect natively to other apps. However, to have an overview of your data, you will need to establish unity among all your software applications.

There are some data management best practices you can implement to ensure your data is working well. You need to introduce data catalogs. Vendors such as Google offer data catalogs as a complementary product for data management. These products are essentially search bars to make data assets easy to find and create categories. If you are running a small business, you can replicate the function of data catalogs by creating an inventory of all data assets you have in your company.

There is also data integration. Note that data is rarely collected by a single platform. Usually, there are several applications put in place for specialized processes, and each has their own databases which are used to gather a fragment of your company data.

You also need to know about data lifecycle management which is mostly used by big companies working with massive amounts of data that need to be categorized into different tiers which normally require complex automation.

How to Meet and Exceed Customer Service Expectations

Technology has made today’s customers more empowered than ever. Customers now have more ways to research for anything they need, compare prices, read reviews, and make the best decisions on which brand to do business with, and which one to churn. Technology also means expectations are now higher than ever. Businesses including Tow Trucks in Virginia are striving and doing everything possible to meet and exceed customer expectations. To have a good understanding of what we mean by customer service expectations, here is what you need to put in mind of what a customer wants;

– To feel heard, appreciated, and valued

– For any business process to be easy and seamless

– To see action being taken regarding their request or issues

– Actions taken to be relatively quick

– Communication to happen on channels they are convenient with them

Let’s have an understanding of these important points;

To feel heard, appreciated, and valued

Sometimes, a transaction is not just a transaction. In many industries, when a customer hands over their money, there are a couple of things happening. They have a problem they need solutions, and they are trusting you to solve their problems. They are giving you payment not just for service, but as a vote of confidence that you are the right choice. When a situation arises, you need to make it personal and address their issues amicably.

Make processes easy and seamless

There are a lot of challenges involved in doing business. Customers have problems that need to be addressed and are out there looking for the best solutions for their issues. They are trusting you to offer them solutions to their challenges and you should strive to remove all roadblocks. If they encounter too many roadblocks, they will be willing to seek solutions from your competitors.

See action being taken regarding their request

It is not enough to be friendly and empathetic with customers on the phone only. You need to go above board and have their issue physically addressed and solved. If you are not able to provide solutions to every problem they are facing, give them alternative solutions to their issues. Provide information about any plans underway or being taken to address their issues. Additionally, forward their concerns to the proper department for future improvement.

Actions taken to be relatively quick

Today’s customers have some bare minimum expectations and expect their expectations to be met by the brands they choose to do business with. There are issues such as one-click purchase and instant messaging that offer instant gratification to customer needs and is greatly influencing customer behavior. Businesses should find ways to collect real-time customer insights and offer real-time solutions to customer issues.

Communication to happen on channels convenient with them

The days of businesses only reaching out and answering customer issues on phone are gone. Today’s customers are all over – on messages, phone, social media, email among others. When they post a problem, they expect the same to be addressed over the same channel they used to post their issue. Businesses should dedicate teams that purely focus on having customer issues addressed.

How to Manage People Effectively

managementFor many business people, one of their leading traits is effective management. While working in a towing service business, I learnt a lot of what it’s required to become an effective manager. As a manager, you want to get out there and meet new customers as well as creating new products. But with all the tasks on your desk, it can be overwhelming. A good manager must have the ability to boost the engagement levels of the people who work for them. People are not always easy to manage, due to their weaknesses and opinions.

However, it can be easy to manage people once you apply some set of principles. To become an effective manager, here are timeless ways to go about it.

Outline your goals

As a manager, you will have reasons on areas that you need improvements. You might be responsible for large company goals that you need your team to help you with implementing. To be a good manager, you must identify areas that need constant improvement. No matter what you want to achieve, you must outline your goals and write them down. Those who wrote their goals down are more likely to succeed than those who do not, and so you should emulate the same.

Delegate Wisely

The key to good leadership is learning the aspect of effective delegation. You need to delegate both the responsibility of completing assignment with the required authority that helps get things done. Many managers feel like they are obligated to control every little aspect that their employees have to do. This can be a huge recipe for disaster. When you delegate work to your subordinates, you help in developing employee confidence as well as promoting their leadership skills.


In most cases many bosses are not good communicators and end up communicating far too little. Busy business owners and top executives find their communication skills wanting as they are not able to keep up to date on their latest organizational news that need to be communicated to junior staff. Regardless of time and schedule, you must ensure that all efforts are laid in place to get employees the information they need to deliver on their tasks.

Make time for your employees

Leadership is a people’s job. In many cases, you find managers who have lost complete touch with their subordinates. When an employee wants to talk to you on whatever issue, you must ensure that you set time for them to talk about it. Put your work aside for a moment and offer your valuable time to them, attention and focus, as by doing so, they shall feel valued.

Recognize Achievements

Employees want to do a good job and they want their efforts to recognized and appreciated. Unfortunately, many bosses do less than the required to recognize and appreciate good deeds and efforts made by their employees. There are many selfless acts and little acts of kindness that bosses can do to ensure they recognize employee efforts. Apart from cash perks, appreciate these employees in front of their colleagues and watch out their joy and self-esteem balloon up.




How Real Estate Investing Returns Profits

cash flowEvery person involved in business, be it Fairfax Tow Truck or real estate is looking for one and the same thing; profits. Making money is the main driving force behind any establishment of business, and real estate is no exception. In real estate, you can make good money from your investments. But the big question is, how do you measure the return on investment when it comes to real estate?

How much money will you be making from your property? – The amount of money you can make in real estate will be determined by factors such as the size of your initial investment, the location of your investment, applicable tax or investment climate as well as your target market.

Real estate investing makes ways from a number of ways. Knowing these ways can help you increase the value of your investment and get good money out of it. These ways include;


Cash flow from rentals

Just as it is with a stock that pays dividends, a real estate property that is well managed provides a steady flow of income. Real estate investors also have a control over various forms of risks involved with properties. Though there might be slumps when it comes to estate prices, particularly due to slow markets, people who own real estate can lease it for a long time and make good streams of income.



Another way a real estate property returns profits is through an increase in value due to appreciation. Through history, real estate has shown to be such an excellent source of profit due to its increase in value that results from the appreciation of property over time. Although analysts cannot always predict the trends in value increase, you can always count on appreciation in the long term.


inflationInflation can be a big friend to developers and property owners when it comes to rentals. Although a fixed mortgage payment will remain constant, inflation pushes up the price of the property. Population growth also comes as good news as it increases and creates housing demands which further pushes the price of properties up.



You can improve your investment property by carrying out renovations. While it is still providing cash, you can make more enhancements to attract higher rental rates. Upgrades to the functionality and appearance of a property can have a significant increase in its value. As styles and trends keep on changing, you need to keep your property interesting to tenants by doing the required enhancements.


Sealing deals

There are those deals which are too good to turn down. Sometimes it happens that someone is in a financial difficulty and the only way to bail themselves out is through selling off his or her property. You might be browsing a property listing and see such a deal. When that happens, you have to rush as quickly as you can and secure it. This increases your portfolio and you stand at a better chance to sell at a higher price when the right time comes. Another way of returning profits in real estate is through equity.

Psychological Sales Tips and Tricks to Win Customers

psychologyWhen it comes to the world of making sales and closing deals, psychology plays a very great role. There is a reason why you will find a predominant use of the red color when it comes to fast food chains. There is also a reason why certain keywords are repeatedly used in product titles. There is also a reason why prices end at $0.99. Each of these reasons gives us a clue on how psychology influences buyer decisions. Colors can increase a customer’s appetite to buy a product while a dollar may determine if a customer will buy a product or not.

Here are psychological tricks and tips that can help you close on sales.


Emotions over intellect

Everyone always has an emotional impulse buy. An impulse buy may drive up sales. However, an emotional impulse buy is determined mostly on timing and being in the right place at the right time. It is very important to connect with a buyer using the principles of his emotional buy. Most of the decisions we make are connected to put emotions. People will always do anything that gives them happiness. They are willing to do anything that helps them avoid a feeling of loss or sadness.

The power of conformity

Just about everyone, we all want to be accepted among peers. In the world of marketing, we usually say – if everyone else likes, I like it too. That is what we are referring to as conformity. To maintain a feeling of conformity and unity, you need to maintain a social presence and remain active on all platforms. Provide an option to display your products and services on websites and social media platforms.


The principle of reciprocity plays a big role when it comes to making sales. What goes around will definitely come around. There are those companies that give customers  free products and these customers become more than willing to buy a new product is they receive a certain benefit out of it. ree products and trials once they buy a product online. Other methods of reciprocity that increases sales include buy-one-get-one, product bundling, flash sales, and expedited shipping.


Relate with the customer

customerRelating with the customer brings the issue of understanding your target audience. It is very difficult to connect with a customer is your business doesn’t know who your customer is. To connect with the customer, a business needs to tell a story through its marketing. During the storytelling process, every visual need to connect with the emotions of a customer. People will want to buy from you if they feel a sense of connection and belonging.


Make it scarce

A customer will most likely buy a product or service if they feel it will not be around for long. This is the main reason why most products are marked as limited. When a product is marked as limited, customers will believe they might miss out on something that is very interesting. Making a product scarce promotes it to be bought by a customer. You should also aim at offering an unexpected bonus as customers appreciate bonuses a lot.

Ways to getting Rich with Real Estate

real estateReal estate has produced more wealth than any other presently known industry. If your only experience with real estate involves paying off your mortgage, then you need to rethink your real estate investing options. You need to consider expanding your real estate portfolio. Based on how real estate makes a millionaire, I still wonder why people are still skeptical about investing in real estate.

When it comes to real estate investing, there are two major ways of making money. You can make money passively by buying and holding. You can also make money actively through flipping, doing renovations and adding value to a home before selling at a higher value or developing new properties.


Investing without money

Another key question people are faced with when it comes to real estate is the question; how to invest without money. It should be noted that real estate investing is a cash-heavy venture and this locks most people out. However, there are a variety of ways to go about it if you don’t have money.

You can try seller financing through lease options. You can also trade fixed assets such as jewelry and cars. You can also take over someone else’s mortgage payment, bring an investment partner who has cash, borrow from a bank, take out a home equity line of credit or utilize the peer-to-peer lending network. The options are many.


However, real ways of getting rich in real estate investing include;


Long-term residential rentals

One of the commonly used ways of making money in real estate is leveraging the aspect of long-term buy-and-hold of residential rentals. People will always be in need of a place to live. This means it can be very lucrative to get engaged in residential rentals. When it comes to residential rentals, location is everything. Location determines the value of a property as well as the amount of rental income your property will generate.


Lease options

LeaseLease option presents a great way to be involved in real estate without necessarily having to part with a significant amount of capital. This means you lease a property with an option to buy. This method tends to work well when the real estate is increasing in value because, at that time, you can buy a property at a discount. You can evaluate when is the right time to convert a lease into owning a property. If the market is not favorable, you can just decide to continue leasing.



The home flipping culture has grown exponentially. House flipping refers to the process of buying an old home at a lower value and doing key renovations to increase the value of the home. When it comes to flipping, the key question you ask yourself is how much a home will be worthy if you invested in some basic repairs. To accurately determine how much you can make, you need to have a solid relationship with contractors. If you employ the contract flipping method, you will not have to put up a lot of capital at the initial stage of acquiring a home.


How to Get Started in Real Estate with Little Money

real estateIt is entirely achievable to get started in real estate with no money if you stick with the right people. Who you know in real estate can be as important as investing in real estate itself. There are private and hard money lenders who make it possible for new investors who have few cash reserves to get started in the industry. The ability to conjecture, recognize and take advantage of other people’s money is the foundation of success in investing. This means you have learned every art of trade and mastered how to invest in real estate without money.

Investing with little money is equally very possible. All you need is to know how to invest in properties and have the right people by your side. If you want to invest in real estate and you have no money, here is how to go about it.


Get Educated

There are a lot of free resources where you can learn all the basics of real estate investing. While you may get overwhelmed by many images from real estate seminars, truth is that you will hardly learn anything useful from them. Take the advantage of free online guides to jump start your basics. There are lots of real estate books, podcasts, and other resources to help you out. There are many types of real estate properties you need to learn, including; vacant lands, single family homes, multifamily properties, commercial real estate, mobile homes, and mortgages among others.


Set your goals

After you have done your homework, you will have a wide range of initial investments that you can expect to get started in. It is possible to get commenced with as low as $1000, but you will need to set your goals right. How much risk do you want and where do you want to put in your money? Write down your goals and work toward meeting all of them.


Explore your options

You need to get the cash for your down payment or initial investment. It is very important to understand your options and the advantages each of them offers. You can seek money from private money lenders to set up your investment. Another option is traditional real estate investing which involves searching dozens of listings and visiting those properties which are most attractive. Another option is crowdfunding in real estate where you can invest in REITs or buy equity from a real estate company.