Psychological Sales Tips and Tricks to Win Customers

psychologyWhen it comes to the world of making sales and closing deals, psychology plays a very great role. There is a reason why you will find a predominant use of the red color when it comes to fast food chains. There is also a reason why certain keywords are repeatedly used in product titles. There is also a reason why prices end at $0.99. Each of these reasons gives us a clue on how psychology influences buyer decisions. Colors can increase a customer’s appetite to buy a product while a dollar may determine if a customer will buy a product or not.

Here are psychological tricks and tips that can help you close on sales.


Emotions over intellect

Everyone always has an emotional impulse buy. An impulse buy may drive up sales. However, an emotional impulse buy is determined mostly on timing and being in the right place at the right time. It is very important to connect with a buyer using the principles of his emotional buy. Most of the decisions we make are connected to put emotions. People will always do anything that gives them happiness. They are willing to do anything that helps them avoid a feeling of loss or sadness.

The power of conformity

Just about everyone, we all want to be accepted among peers. In the world of marketing, we usually say – if everyone else likes, I like it too. That is what we are referring to as conformity. To maintain a feeling of conformity and unity, you need to maintain a social presence and remain active on all platforms. Provide an option to display your products and services on websites and social media platforms.


The principle of reciprocity plays a big role when it comes to making sales. What goes around will definitely come around. There are those companies that give customers  free products and these customers become more than willing to buy a new product is they receive a certain benefit out of it. ree products and trials once they buy a product online. Other methods of reciprocity that increases sales include buy-one-get-one, product bundling, flash sales, and expedited shipping.


Relate with the customer

customerRelating with the customer brings the issue of understanding your target audience. It is very difficult to connect with a customer is your business doesn’t know who your customer is. To connect with the customer, a business needs to tell a story through its marketing. During the storytelling process, every visual need to connect with the emotions of a customer. People will want to buy from you if they feel a sense of connection and belonging.


Make it scarce

A customer will most likely buy a product or service if they feel it will not be around for long. This is the main reason why most products are marked as limited. When a product is marked as limited, customers will believe they might miss out on something that is very interesting. Making a product scarce promotes it to be bought by a customer. You should also aim at offering an unexpected bonus as customers appreciate bonuses a lot.

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