How to Manage People Effectively

managementFor many business people, one of their leading traits is effective management. While working in a towing service business, I learnt a lot of what it’s required to become an effective manager. As a manager, you want to get out there and meet new customers as well as creating new products. But with all the tasks on your desk, it can be overwhelming. A good manager must have the ability to boost the engagement levels of the people who work for them. People are not always easy to manage, due to their weaknesses and opinions.

However, it can be easy to manage people once you apply some set of principles. To become an effective manager, here are timeless ways to go about it.

Outline your goals

As a manager, you will have reasons on areas that you need improvements. You might be responsible for large company goals that you need your team to help you with implementing. To be a good manager, you must identify areas that need constant improvement. No matter what you want to achieve, you must outline your goals and write them down. Those who wrote their goals down are more likely to succeed than those who do not, and so you should emulate the same.

Delegate Wisely

The key to good leadership is learning the aspect of effective delegation. You need to delegate both the responsibility of completing assignment with the required authority that helps get things done. Many managers feel like they are obligated to control every little aspect that their employees have to do. This can be a huge recipe for disaster. When you delegate work to your subordinates, you help in developing employee confidence as well as promoting their leadership skills.


In most cases many bosses are not good communicators and end up communicating far too little. Busy business owners and top executives find their communication skills wanting as they are not able to keep up to date on their latest organizational news that need to be communicated to junior staff. Regardless of time and schedule, you must ensure that all efforts are laid in place to get employees the information they need to deliver on their tasks.

Make time for your employees

Leadership is a people’s job. In many cases, you find managers who have lost complete touch with their subordinates. When an employee wants to talk to you on whatever issue, you must ensure that you set time for them to talk about it. Put your work aside for a moment and offer your valuable time to them, attention and focus, as by doing so, they shall feel valued.

Recognize Achievements

Employees want to do a good job and they want their efforts to recognized and appreciated. Unfortunately, many bosses do less than the required to recognize and appreciate good deeds and efforts made by their employees. There are many selfless acts and little acts of kindness that bosses can do to ensure they recognize employee efforts. Apart from cash perks, appreciate these employees in front of their colleagues and watch out their joy and self-esteem balloon up.




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