How to Meet and Exceed Customer Service Expectations

Technology has made today’s customers more empowered than ever. Customers now have more ways to research for anything they need, compare prices, read reviews, and make the best decisions on which brand to do business with, and which one to churn. Technology also means expectations are now higher than ever. Businesses including Tow Trucks in Virginia are striving and doing everything possible to meet and exceed customer expectations. To have a good understanding of what we mean by customer service expectations, here is what you need to put in mind of what a customer wants;

– To feel heard, appreciated, and valued

– For any business process to be easy and seamless

– To see action being taken regarding their request or issues

– Actions taken to be relatively quick

– Communication to happen on channels they are convenient with them

Let’s have an understanding of these important points;

To feel heard, appreciated, and valued

Sometimes, a transaction is not just a transaction. In many industries, when a customer hands over their money, there are a couple of things happening. They have a problem they need solutions, and they are trusting you to solve their problems. They are giving you payment not just for service, but as a vote of confidence that you are the right choice. When a situation arises, you need to make it personal and address their issues amicably.

Make processes easy and seamless

There are a lot of challenges involved in doing business. Customers have problems that need to be addressed and are out there looking for the best solutions for their issues. They are trusting you to offer them solutions to their challenges and you should strive to remove all roadblocks. If they encounter too many roadblocks, they will be willing to seek solutions from your competitors.

See action being taken regarding their request

It is not enough to be friendly and empathetic with customers on the phone only. You need to go above board and have their issue physically addressed and solved. If you are not able to provide solutions to every problem they are facing, give them alternative solutions to their issues. Provide information about any plans underway or being taken to address their issues. Additionally, forward their concerns to the proper department for future improvement.

Actions taken to be relatively quick

Today’s customers have some bare minimum expectations and expect their expectations to be met by the brands they choose to do business with. There are issues such as one-click purchase and instant messaging that offer instant gratification to customer needs and is greatly influencing customer behavior. Businesses should find ways to collect real-time customer insights and offer real-time solutions to customer issues.

Communication to happen on channels convenient with them

The days of businesses only reaching out and answering customer issues on phone are gone. Today’s customers are all over – on messages, phone, social media, email among others. When they post a problem, they expect the same to be addressed over the same channel they used to post their issue. Businesses should dedicate teams that purely focus on having customer issues addressed.

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