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Keep all your vehicles properly maintained and safe on the road with our range of fleet maintenance equipment and supplies. We carry a broad spectrum of items including wheel weights, fluids, chargers, jumpers and filters. Whether you need to ensure a work area is well lit or you are looking for trim and accessories such as automotive mirrors for your vehicles, you will find all the fleet maintenance equipment you need at MSC.


Improve safety and productivity on the assembly line, in the maintenance bay or any place requiring mobility and improved accessibility. Whether your operation requires a seat style or a flat model, we carry a variety of creepers and seats that let you work comfortably in a variety of situations. You'll also find a range of versatile dollies that make handling larger components safe and easy.


In light of rising fuel costs, it's important that tires be filled to the right pressure to ensure the car is as fuel efficient as possible. TPMS automatically checks tire pressure and alerts drivers when the air is low- taking out the guesswork and saving time and money. John Dow's Dynamic TPMS Solutions offers a comprehensive offering with the necessary parts, tools and information to service 95% of domestic, Asian and European vehicles.


Proper wheel maintenance and installation is a priority when it comes to securely moving your fleet. Our wide range of automotive wheel hardware to keep all your vehicles safely on the road. Wheel weights are used to counteract the combined effect of tire and wheel unbalance that can cause excessive vibration.


Whether you are looking to replace a battery, require a tester or charger for preventative maintenance or want to outfit vehicles with booster cables, we have the products to keep your vehicles running smoothly. We also carry a full range of battery hardware, tools, and accessories to keep your maintenance shop well stocked.


Proper leak detection is critical to your fleet operation. Whether you are looking for leak detection in oil, fuel, automatic transmission fluid, steering or hydraulic fluid or require an ultraviolet fluorescent leak detection lamp, you'll find that and more at MSC. Choose from automotive leak detection kits, dyes, lamps and detectors.


Find the automotive fluids, paints and cleaning supplies your business needs at MSC. We carry a wide array of oil and oil change equipment including synthetic and conventional motor oils in a full spectrum of weights for any engine, so your shop always has the right product on hand. You'll also find a great selection of oil changing tools and accessories, including an assortment of drain plugs and gaskets to get all your fleet maintenance jobs done right.


At MSC, we understand that it takes a broad range of filters to maintain your fleet. Keep your shop well stocked with air, fuel, hydraulic and oil filters for passenger vehicles, over-the-road commercial vehicles, off-road construction, mining and logging equipment, as well as industrial, agricultural and marine applications.


Featuring both residential and heavy-duty commercial grade openers as well as remotes and accessories, MSC is now partnered with Genie to meet all of our customers' needs.
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