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At MSC we understand the cost-reduction challenges that our customers face daily and have in-depth experience solving these problems. Our commitment to our customers with providing best in quality, value, service and solutions helps you identify and drive out waste and non-value add steps within your business. This pursuit of continual improvement is the essence of Lean. MSC’s extensive knowledge in Lean principles makes us the perfect partner to help reduce your cost to serve.


Lean is a continuous improvement methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to identify and eliminate non-value add steps and waste. The elimination of waste from business operations allows organizations to shorten their processes and increase customer value and quality.

What are the Key Lean Concepts?
  • Identify and Eliminate Waste
  • 1st Time Quality
  • Continual Improvement
  • Superior Supply Chain Management
  • Metrics



A Lean tool that focuses on creating and sustaining a clean, organized, high-performance and safe work environment


5S is the foundation used to help organizations implementLean operations. Each of the 5S categories provides aframework for eliminating non-value add activities by ensuringthat all materials and tools needed are available, close by andreplaced in their proper location when not in use. At MSC, wehave in-depth experience implementing 5S solutions.


Survey the area for unnecessary items and remove them. Ensure all “needed” items remain in the work area. By removing items that are not required we free up space that can be put to more valuable use and improve efficiency since workers no longer need to search through a cluttered and disorganized workspace to locate materials.
Identify “a place for everything, and put everything in its place.” All the necessary items identified in the sort stage are organized for easy and efficient access. Locations are clearly labeled allowing users to immediately recognize when an item is in use.
Identify cleaning activities and develop standard operations for keeping the area clean and organized. Establishing a “who and when” cleaning plan helps to make sure that the area stays clutter-free.
Eliminate the non-value add work associated with maintaining a clean, organized and safe workspace. Establish clearly defined standards and responsibilities, then document and display for sharing best practices. Conduct weekly audits and implement counter measures.
The final stage is the most difficult to consistently achieve. The goal is to have the newly cleaned and organized area become a way of life. Everyone involved has the discipline and commitment to maintain the first four of the 5S stages.


Help your company embrace the LEAN way with some of our MSC & Supply Chain Engineering Solutions!
Small changes in tooling, processes and procedures can add up to big productivity gains. With an average of 75% of a manufacturer's costs attributed to the manufacturing process, there are opportunities to reduce spending and improve productivity in such areas as setup time and cycle time. To help you tap into these savings opportunities, look for metalworking experts to supplement and educate you on innovative technologies and process improvements for your operation.
EMAIL US or call 1-800-521-9520.
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