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Significantly increase productivity and reduce costs in just minutes with our revolutionary new MSC MillMax™ service.


300% improvement on average


50% decrease on average


Over 100 hours gained on average


Over $7 million saved to date with MSC Millmax® tap tests


MSC MillMax™ takes the guesswork out of optimizing your milling applications, replacing the traditional trial and error approach with a scientifically proven method that delivers proven results.

By taking minutes instead of hours, it promises to drive productivity for your business like never before, with the potential to drive American manufacturing to new heights.


Millmax Awards

MSC MillMax™ was awarded the esteemed ISA 2021 Innovation Impact Award People’s Choice as one of the best new innovative products in the industrial MROP channel. It was also recognized at the 2021 R&D 100 Awards by an international panel of top industry professionals.

While we’re honored that it has been recognized by our peers, we’re even more proud of the results that MSC MillMax™ has delivered for our customers. See some of them below.

Ascentec Engineering reduced cycle time by 80%, increasing overall productivity by 410%

Download the case study

Gemini Precision Machining increased feeds and speeds by 30% and improved tool life

Download the case study

A defense industry customer doubled surface footage and saved $53K in one year

Download the case study

SilencerCo realized a 196% increase in productivity from a 62% reduction in cycle time

Download the case study

BDE manufacturing was able to eliminate 5 passes resulting in a 1200% increase in productivity

Download the case study

VMAC Global Technology gained 183 machine hours with a 122% increase in feed rate

Download the case study

A Hydropower Equipment Customer realized a 235% increase in tool life

Download the case study

Prototyping and Manufacturing Solutions provider got one machine to do the work of two

Download the case study


Tap test infographic

Every milling tool assembly vibrates at a unique frequency.

MSC MillMax™ analyzes and records those frequencies.

Our metalworking specialists then work with you to interpret the data and provide everything you’ll need for optimal performance:

  • The precise stable speed
  • Feed rate
  • Width and depth of cut



An MSC metalworking specialist will be in touch.


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Learn about the 4 principles of vibration analysis, and how it can help eliminate chatter that causes poor-quality parts and excessive cycle times.

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Person reading Millmax PDF


View and download an overview of how MSC MillMax™ works, the improvements our customers have seen and what it can do for your applications.

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Want to get more parts to market at a faster pace and with less waste? Read about how a new approach to minimizing vibrations can help make that happen.

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